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Dedication to Service Excellence

Our standards must and will satisfy you. We will recommend the procedures and methods appropriate for restoring your Antique and Classic automobile to meet your specific needs. You can be assured that the entire project will be accomplished with full attention to the details you can't see, as well as the finish you can see.

What is Classic and Timeless...

We know that your Antique and Classic Automobile is important to you. Whether you are the new or a long-term owner of your Special Interest automobile, you treat your car with utmost care and attention. When you entrust that car to a repair and restoration specialist, you want and expect them to give your car the same careful treatment as you would give it.

Experience and Knowledge

The Pre-war and Brass-Era automobile presents its own situations in servicing and parts sourcing that the mainstream service mechanic has difficulty addressing. As a service customer, you can be assured that we have the experience and knowledge to anticipate and care for the needs of your special car.

Restoration Experts

When restoration time comes, it is very important that the needs of the car and owner are met. You can be confident that Pollock Auto Restoration will guide you through the maze of concerns and considerations, which arise during a restoration project. We work with you to achieve a standard within your budget requirements. From driver to Concours winner, we can help you achieve the restoration standard you desire.

We believe in and stand by the service we supply. That belief is reflected in our customers' enjoyment of their cars. Read the comments of some of our satisfied customers, or better yet, drop in to the shop, telephone, or e-mail us to review your needs.


A restoration shop is not your average auto repair garage. Restorations usually involve the entire car while repair work can be a single item. Most gas stations and body shops would turn away the kind of work that is done here. The mere mention of Antique automobiles makes the local garage uncomfortable.

Because of our years of experience with Antique cars we are familiar with the construction methods used in these automobiles. Our technicians have worked on these vehicles for years, they research assembly methods, communicate with other knowledgeable individuals, and participate in club events and shows. Vehicles from our shop have won numerous awards, ranging from ribbons and plaques at small local shows to top awards at the national level.

Most cars destined for restoration are 50 to 100 years old. The first step in a repair or restoration is to determine what the problems are and what will be necessary to correct them. Any deterioration and damage that your classic car has should be dealt with first, and in an original manner, before modifications and appearance are considered. We may often find things that you don't want to know about your car, but you should be prepared for.

Next we give you options for the levels of restoration possible and their approximate costs so that you can make an informed decision.

We try to make the final product as close to original as possible within the boundaries of time, money and practicality. These boundaries are at the wish of the customer.

One reason for originality; the factory had many skilled people put a lot of time, money and effort into the design of these cars. Ultimately, from the collector's point of view as well as durability, this is the best approach. We can, of course, make changes, updates, and modifications at the owners request, but as a small restoration shop we can't duplicate the testing facilities of the manufacturers.

The most necessary, but least maintained, component on an automobile is the body structure itself. Like the foundation of a house, the body and frame hold the other subsystems together and in the proper relationship to each other.

With a house, you can paint the outside, or renovate the kitchen, but if the foundation is cracking, and the basement is leaking water, the improvements are only superficial. Sooner or later, the basic structure must be dealt with.

Unfortunately, many owners think they can wait until later, letting the deterioration continue. Then they have to sell the house, and foist the problems off on someone else.

Much like a house, a classic automobile, if it is to last for many years, must be maintained. Sure, if you want, you can throw a coat of paint on it, and dump the car on some unsuspecting individual, but if you expect to keep it, or to get the best price when you sell it, the foundation must be in good condition.

Do you often wonder how those squeaks and rattles develop? The body integrity, and its mounting to the chassis, determine how solid and sound proof the vehicle is. Many owners change their own oil, but how many people remove the seats and carpets to inspect the floorboards every year?

The front suspension can be rebuilt, but if the body mounts are worn or missing, the handling cannot improve very much. The squeak in the dash may never go away until welds, broken long ago, are repaired.

Most people, driving mediocre cars, never have to deal with the basic body and frame. They just send the heap to the junk-yard.

So you will have to make this decision. Are you going to treat your Classic automobile like a Yugo or a valuable piece of real estate?


Located in Pottstown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, this location was the J. Frank Althouse Lumber and Coal Yard until the early 1900's. Our building was constructed on the site in the early 1920's for the Seltmann & Knight Silk Mill. During the war years it was owned by Levitz Furniture and used for the manufacture and storage of the furniture that was sold in their stores. William Pollock set up his Pollock Auto Showcase on the upper floor in the early 1950's and the lower floor of the building was used by Reading Hoist & Crane. Ralph DeStefano started working for the Showcase in 1981 and began operating Pollock Auto Restoration in 1995.

The 26,000 square foot, two-story, building houses all the equipment necessary to care for your special automobile. The building has a complete fire suppression sprinkler system and an electronic security system with video surveillance for full protection of your vehicle while it is under our care and protection. To maintain control of all the work being performed we have complete in-house paint and bodywork facilities as well as a complete and clean upholstery shop within the building.


Michael Engard, Owner

Michael Engard has been involved in old cars since the 1970’s when he acquired his first Triumph TR-3. After working in several area repair and restoration shops he started his first restoration business, Ragtops & Roadsters in 1990. Continuing to participate in the hobby and completing hundreds of restorations at this successful company, he purchased Pollock Auto Restoration in 2008.

Our carefully chosen staff has an appreciation for the cars and understands what these cars mean to their owners. Our combined experience in Antique and Special Interest automobiles is over 135 years. We are heavily involved in the old car community as members, participants and officers in various area Clubs.

Barbara Raye Heppenstall Plant, Manager of Operations

My car experience began before I was born. My father, Ray Heppenstall,was an SCCA driver, Manufactures Cup driver, BAJA 1000, and a land speed record holder. He was the Chief Mechanic and driver for Ray Heppenstall Racing, Inc., Essex Wire Racing Program, and the driver, technician and designer of the Howmet Turbine car. Through my teens I was taught the ins and out of running a racing program and quickly became the Head Mechanic. My employment with Mike Engard and Ragtops & Roadsters began in 1998. When Mike made the decision to venture into Pre-WWII and brass-era vehicle restoration, he looked to me to provide leadership and guidance in the transition of Pollock Auto Restoration to return to its former glory of producing high quality automobile restorations by a knowledgeable and talented staff.

Dave Hutchison

Dave is Pollock Auto Restorations' Customer Service Manager. He handles our marketing and advertising and coordinates the workflow within our buildings. He is part of our team representing Pollock at Concours and car shows during the summer and is likely the first person you will speak to when you contact our shop. He is a long time Antique car enthusiast with a 1961 Triumph Italia (restored here in 1995) and a 1995 Lotus Seven Replica. Dave is a member of the AACA, CCCA and other Antique Car Clubs.

Dorian Custodia,Technician

Dorian Custodia does our metal work, straightening and welding and is capable of creating any body panel that can't be repaired. Dorian amassed experience from inside and outside the shop; working on both British and American automobiles. Dorian is mostly self-taught and learned some advanced metal working techniques from Kent White of TM Technologies. Dorian's 1967 Jaguar 420 is awaiting slight modifications and rust repairs.

Ross Belovich,Shop Foreman

Ross grew up around cars all his life. His grandfather owned a junkyard and his father was a mechanic and body man, so Ross became very aware of how cars work at an early age. Ross officially entered the field working at the age of 16 and he quickly rose to fulltime body man and eventually a shop manager at a collision shop located in Rockland County, NY. Ross completed many classic car restorations through the body shop years and eventually went to work for Sussex Motor and Coach Works in Matamoras, PA. That shop was owned by Jim Cox and Beverly Rae Kimes who was once billed by the New York Times as �the world�s preeminent automotive historian� and a familiar name with many classic car aficionados. During his tenure at Sussex, he completed many restoration projects that included Bugatti, Pierce-Arrow, Cadillac, Packard, Franklin, Mercer, Cord, Maxwell and many more! Many of these cars achieved the highest honors in national AACA and CCCA events. Jim and Beverly eventually retired and closed down the business in 2002 and Ross has now found a new home at Pollock Auto Restoration and he is once again applying his talents as our new Shop Manager. Over the years, Ross has achieved an uncompromising eye for detail and level of quality that will assure your classic is in the right hands.

Kelly Showers, Technician

Michelle Ruhl, Technician

Robert Worsnup, Technician

Mike Hartley,Technician

Scott Sherlock, Technician

Paul Wolfrey, Technician

John Ballard, Technician

Michelle Ruhl, Technician

Julian Horner, Technician


Here at Pollock Auto Restoration we are always interested in talking to people with an interest in working with these classic cars. While the mechanical and body technicians are important to our success, we have other positions available in management, sales, IT services and maintenance.

A passion for classic cars is certainly desirable for someone interested in a position here, and knowledge of Brass-Era and Pre-war cars a definite plus. The ability to get along with others is also very important. We are a people-oriented business and our current staff, as well as our valued customers and vendors, are central to our business. While cars are our passion, the people are what make it all possible. A self-motivated person will be given full support to stretch himself or herself, because a desire for constant improvement is necessary in our business as well as in life. We support continued education for all our employees and encourage training in your chosen field as well as outside interests.

We offer pleasant working conditions, a clean shop and a friendly staff with a shared interest in classic cars. Wages are based on your knowledge and experience. A comprehensive insurance package is available with life, medical, dental and eyeglass coverage as well as a full retirement investment plan.

If you are interested please contact Mike at 610-323-7108 for a personal interview.

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