2020 AACA Winter Meet

February 7-9th
by: Kim Spiece























  When I attended the annual AACA Winter Meet / Convention this year in Philadelphia, I got to see many friends I made over the years and also greeted some new faces while we were set up in the Trade Show area. We brought along a 1912 Model T as you can see by the above photos. It seemed to draw a lot of attention from the participants and vendors.

  They also showcased a "pine wood derby" Saturday afternoon which was a fun event to attend as seen by the photos below with Elizabeth Coble taking home 1st place. Congratulations!






























  There were several different seminars that you could attend throughout the weekend and I did find my way to the National Judging School seminar and earned my first chip and credit. It was very informative and I learned alot about how cars are evaluated and judged and look forward to attending more AACA sanctioned events and performing some hands on judging as an apprentice. There are over 35 automotive subjects so this is just the beginning for me with much more to learn and understand. If anyone is interested in judging and / or becoming an AACA member, there are local regions all through out the United States and National Club as well. http://www.aaca.org/

  Pictured below is the 1908 Studebaker Electric 12 Passenger Bus. It is one of two vehicles commissioned by the US government. It is showcased in the Swigart Antique Auto Museum off of Rt 22, Huntingdon, PA which is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and educating present and future generations.
There was also an original 1976 Citi Car, the first mass-produced electric car in the United States by Sebring Vanguard, Inc.
Pictured below far right, was a 1934 DeSoto SE Airflow 4dr Sedan that featured an aerodynamic styling like the front of a Divco delivery truck.