Packard Delivery

by: Kim Spiece & Dave Hutchison












We were able to make delivery on this 1951 Packard Patrician back to its owner, who shared a bit of it's history. In 1951 his grandfather had left an inheritance to his Uncle, who in turn wanted to buy the best vehicle available, and in his eyes that was this Packard. Due to his love of ice cream parlors and milk shakes from his Army days, he would drive the Packard on weekends and would take his nephew, the current owner, along for some ice cream, although advising each trip not to spill the ice cream on the seats as it would be very hard to clean. It has an inline 8-cylinder engine with only 16,000 original miles. It sat in storage for almost 20 years before being brought in to us to get it running again. While in the process, we found it to have low compression, so we removed the engine to better access the stuck valves and rings. We gave it a quick honing and reassembled it with new rings and a timing chain. A carb rebuild, new brakes and tires and it drives like new, again. Beautiful car, cherished memories!