Windshield Information

Windshield Rebuilding Services

We are pleased to offer rebuilding services for chrome and brass windshield assemblies for your vintage vehicles to the 1970's. The service includes replated or polished frame and stanchions, tapping plates, brackets and hardware to assemble the frame. Frames are painted clear or body color as specified. Frames are assembled with the glass installed. We can also supply bottom rubber seals, windshield stanchions to body grommets and hardware to install the frame on the car. We can supply new glass. Typical costs are $2000 to $2500. Contact us for more information.

Windshield Assembly

Pollock Automotive offers complete and partial services concerning the windshield assembly. We have available many parts required to renew the unit to factory standards. We will also accept new parts including tapping plates, hardware, glazing rubber, glass etc. and use them when we can. Please feel free to have glass drop shipped here...we will also refit used glass if so must however be supplied to us clean! Glass becomes more brittle as it ages, therefore, we will not guarantee that we will be able to install used glass successfully. Prices will be adjusted to reflect the use of parts supplied to us, etc.

Shipping the Frame

We prefer to receive a disassembled windshield. This is to your advantage, as shipping a complete windshield is much more expensive. Send the main pieces of the frame - the pieces that surround the glass and the main stanchions (or assemblies). Bundle the channels together making sure they are packaged in a "crush proof" way. The frame will bend easily if crushed! We stock glass from time to time... check with us before you have the glass drop shipped here.

The finished windshield will be shipped to you ready for installation. Shipping & Handling charges will be added based on destination. Contact us for additional information.

Windscreens - Other Marques

We also offer restored windscreens for all British Marques. Please find more information on our Ragtops & Roadsters website windscreen page.