by: Ross Belovich


This 1951 Chrysler Windsor is ready to go home. After considerable work and cleaning the layers of dirt and age off, it is once again a good reliable car as was designed. See the article in the October 2019 Newsletter for the story about it's arrival here.

Among other things and various engine work, we completely rebuilt the entire braking system, the fuel system, and portions of the electrical system. The original automatic transmission was still in good shape and just needed little more than a cleaning and fluid change. The interior was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and is in surprisingly good shape. This is a nice piece of automotive history that will now live on to be enjoyed by future generations.






















by: Kim Spiece & Dave Hutchison












We were able to make delivery on this 1951 Packard Patrician back to its owner, who shared a bit of it's history. In 1951 his grandfather had left an inheritance to his Uncle, who in turn wanted to buy the best vehicle available, and in his eyes that was this Packard. Due to his love of ice cream parlors and milk shakes from his Army days, he would drive the Packard on weekends and would take his nephew, the current owner, along for some ice cream, although advising each trip not to spill the ice cream on the seats as it would be very hard to clean. It has an inline 8-cylinder engine with only 16,000 original miles. It sat in storage for almost 20 years before being brought in to us to get it running again. While in the process, we found it to have low compression, so we removed the engine to better access the stuck valves and rings. We gave it a quick honing and reassembled it with new rings and a timing chain. A carb rebuild, new brakes and tires and it drives like new, again. Beautiful car, cherished memories!













by: Dave & Ryan Hutchison

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by: Ross Belovich























  This 1956 Ford Thunderbird with 312 Y-block V-8 went home recently after a complete new wiring harness and several other repairs to make this a reliable car for regular use this summer.


by: Kim Spiece












Sadly, with the threat of COVID-19 spreading in our communities, many car shows throughout the country have cancelled or postponed their shows for the calendar year 2020. Unfortunately, several shows had to cancel largely due to the venues not being available, or not being able to purchase the required special events liability insurance, thus not having any alternative but to cancel the show. There is a limited number of local and national shows that are tentatively scheduled later in the season, but changes are being made on a weekly basis.
Many clubs are organizing driving events such as cruises and runs to provide an opportunity to get together. See our calendar below and please check with the event organizers directly to confirm whether they are still having their event. Please continue to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, healthy and happy. We will soon to be able to once again gather together for the passion we all share regarding the classic, antique and vintage automobiles we cherish and love.












February 7-9th
by: Kim Spiece























  When I attended the annual AACA Winter Meet / Convention this year in Philadelphia, I got to see many friends I made over the years and also greeted some new faces while we were set up in the Trade Show area. We brought along a 1912 Model T as you can see by the above photos. It seemed to draw a lot of attention from the participants and vendors.

by Dave Hutchison


   We have been busy preparing for our annual pilgrimage to the Amelia Island Concours. This year, our journey will start early next month when we load onto our trailer the 1964 Triumph Italia 2000 GT Vignale #295 that will appear on the Concours show field on Sunday, March 8th.

February 8th - February 17th


  The Philadelphia International Auto Show has been open to the public since 1904 and it is one of the oldest cars show in the states.

By Bob Broeze

  The 13th Annual St Michaels Concours d’ Elegance was held at the waterfront campus of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and the picturesque waterfront lawn of the Inn at Perry Cabin in St Michaels on the eastern shore of Maryland.  The St Michaels Concours d’Elegance is a charity event with the local student chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America designated as the beneficiary of proceeds from ticket sales this year.

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